Sunday, May 02, 2004

One sock almost done

Friday's little knitting gathering turned out to be very small. Just me and a friend, but that's ok. It was beautiful in the park. I had good music blasting in my ears while I waited for my friend and worked diligently on a sock. I've had Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles for awhile now, but I've been too chicken to try to convert a traditional pattern to work with 2 circulars. I'm so glad that I finally did. They really do "soar"! I started the sock on Thursday evening and have just about 5 inches left of the foot to do. Next pair of socks I do, I'm going to attempt doing them both at the same time.

I haven't done ANY work on my strappy tank. So I think that'll be my train work on my way to DC. But then again, I still have those baby blanket squares to do. Argh. I'm hating that blanket now. I have no desire to finish it. Maybe I'll just hammer out those last few squares and then put it aside to sew up and do the edging...the baby's not due til July.

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