Sunday, May 09, 2004

Yesterday was a great day. Started off by meeting up with a bunch of knitters at Purl in the city. I loved that the store opened up an hour early just for our group. I bought some great yarn there to make socks with. I think I'm on a sock kick. :) The next shop was Seaport, which I absolutely loved. I know that I'll be back there...and I have a feeling I'm going to drop lots of cash there. I made one more stop with the group, School Products, which was having a sale, and a book signing with Lily Chin. I'm ecstatic that I got to meet her and get a book signed.

The day ended with a late dinner with the hubby, some sushi. We sat at the sushi bar and had some really good stuff. My favorite however, ended up being something new they've added to the menu, fruit roll. It's was a sliver of cake, with sweet red bean, kiwi and strawberry, wrapped in what hubby thinks was thinly sliced cantaloupe, topped with a strawberry sauce. Lily Chin had been the highlight of my day until this fruit roll. Oh my god it was so good.

I've got loads of new yarn, a happy mouth from yummy sushi, and the best husband and son around. What more could a girl want for Mother's day?

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