Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Blech. Nothing really new. I'm not even 3 inches into the front of the strappy tank. The yarn doesn't pull nicely from the skein, so I wound it into a ball, and it's gotten all tangled (don't ask) and now I'm sitting here at work trying to work it into a manageable ball. Don't think I'll be using this yarn again unless someone purchases it for me.

I tried to make petit fours the other night. Oy. I had a box of yellow cake mix. I made it in a rectangular glass pan. Baked up nicely, and let it cool before turning it out of the pan. The bottom stuck a bit, but I knew it wasn't a complete disaster. After it cooled completely, I cut a small section off, cut it in half and put blackberry jam on it, put the other half on and cut it into small pieces. So far so good. Then I made icing. I couldn't ice it well, and some directions I had read said to spear the cake piece and dip it in the icing. Well, that was disastrous. Only good thing to come out of it, was that the pieces that already had the jam, hubby loved the way they were. I think he's just easy to please.

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