Monday, May 24, 2004

My strappy tank is done, and I love it. It’s not fitted, but not too loose. It helps hide my less pretty parts, while helping to accentuate the prettier parts. J I will have to take a picture of it soon.

I purchased a ball of ribbon yarn that I thought I’d try during the yarn crawl. The woman at Seaport yarns told me to buy one ball to see if I liked working with the ribbon yarn before I purchased 13 balls for a project. My thanks go out to her because I hate it. Maybe it’s just this one type…I’ll have to try another type; I’m not swearing off ribbon yarn altogether. This stuff is horrible. I started a swatch that would have been made into a scarf, but hubby said that it would be cool as a doily in the shape of the Reverse Bloom Washcloths (flower shape). So, that’s what’s it become. I’ve done all the petals and started the center. Should be done with it tonight, and maybe pics along with my strappy tank.

I’ve got to get size 1 and size 2 circs for socks. If I’m going to be addicted to the socks may as well have the 3 major sized needles for socks, right? I’ve already got size 3.

I’m impatiently waiting for my Phildar package. The mail guy came around earlier with a box and I got so excited, til I saw that it was for the boss. Blech.

I’m really stalling on the baby blanket. All that sewing. I didn’t have a problem with seaming til this project. Now I may just have to search out several projects done in the round without seams. Now I know not to do anymore baby blankets that are done in squares.

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