Sunday, May 16, 2004

Back from the mini vacation. A quick run down of knitting stuff while on vacation:

Hit Knit + Stitch = Bliss and Knit Happens in the DC area. Both really nice stores, both more than happy to let me sit and rest after travelling to their stores. Both a nice selection of yarn. I purchased a ball of fuzzy stuff at K+S plus a book, and I bought 2 balls of sort of fuzzy stuff, plus some sock yarn at Knit Happens. I couldn't go into a yarn store and NOT buy anything, ya know?

I knit down to the toe decrease of the second Krazy Sock while away. I finished the back of the strappy tank and cast on for the front. I was a knitting fool. I knit on the train there, on the bus back, in my hotel room, and while taking a rest from sightseeing...sitting near the reflecting pool. Such gorgeous weather screamed "sit and knit!" Several passerbys commented to either me or to someone in their party about the knitting, and all were nice comments. The only bad thing that came out of the knitting in public was that I think my sunburn came from just sitting in the sun. Oh well, it's not that bad of a burn, and I got so much work done!

Obviously there was no cooking on the trip, but I have to make mention of the desserts at the graduation luncheon I went to. They had several, ok, a lot of different cakes and trays full of petit fours. I HAVE to try my hand at petit fours. I just LOVE the way they look. I also had something that looked like a truffle, but was a bit mushy when I picked it up. It was a sort of chocolatey cake with what the graduate thought had rum in it, rolled in mini chocolate chips. It WAS mushy, but it was oh so good. Now, to try and find that recipe, or even the name of something like that....

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