Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm just a few short rows away from the armhole shaping on my strappy tank. I'd like to think I could finish it this weekend, but the criss cross straps in the front..well, frankly, they scare me. So I'm going to work on sewing up the squares on the baby blanket.

I learned today that the Phildar sweater was shipped yesterday, and I should receive it next week. Woo hoo!

I still have 2 full skeins of the Patons Kroy from the Krazy Socks and I think I will be using them to make Broad Street Mittens from Knitty.

I have to order yarn for a shawl for my mom...she asked for one, and I told her maybe I could have it done for her birthday...well, the yarn's not ordered, and her birthday is the beginning of July. Don't think that's getting done. Oh'll make a nice Xmas gift. Something tells me I'm going to be knitting furiously come fall time...I forsee a lot of handmade Xmas gifts.

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