Saturday, May 22, 2004

You may notice on the side my works in progress has changed slightly. I finished the knitting portion of the strappy tank and now I can't see why the criss cross straps scared me. It was quite simple and fun actually. I've got blocking and sewing up to do and then it's ready for picture taking and wearing. Who knows. You may just get a picture of me in the tank....

The baby blanket sewing up that I mentioned earlier was not done. Silly me took the book with the pattern to work to pass along to my mom. I wrote down the finishing instructions, but neglected to write down the order to sew up the squares in. I DID separate them into groups of 5, and in the order to sew them up in, but the wonderful child knocked down my pile and messed up the order. I completely forgot that there was a picture on the blog of the squares in order, so I just put it to the side, yet again. Now I've made a chart from the pic and will work on the squares. My WIPs are dwindling down....MUST GET NEW PROJECTS. :)

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