Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Ok, so I still haven't taken pictures of the strappy tank, or have had pics taken of me in it. Maybe this weekend. It did go over quite nicely at work the other day.

I have started the Broad Street Mittens using the leftover yarn from the Krazy Socks. I bought 4 balls of the krazy sock yarn, so I've got plenty for the mittens. I've never done gloves before, so it's an adventure for me, and it doesn't cost me any more money.

I balled up a hank of Blue Heron laceweight yarn over the past few days. It took forever to ball it up, AND I was using a swift. I'm grateful that my son has no interest in my toys and didn't touch the swift/ball halfway through the winding, or else it would have been a disaster. I brought out size 11 circs to start a shawl with the yarn, listening to the woman at a yarn shop on needle size recommendations (the tag the yarn came with didn't give a needle size). It was way too big, and while I know that lace is supposed to be open and all, this was WAY too open. I did about 6 rows before I ripped it out and restarted with size 7. This was perfect, til I paused mid row for something and accidentally dropped one of the needles...everything halfway unravelled. So I ripped it all and put it away. I'll try again tonight.

My Phildar Onde has still not arrived. I'm becoming very impatient. The mail guys here at the office are going to start wondering about me because I'm always so excited to see a package, then so disappointed when it's not for me. I'm like a little kid on Christmas morning.

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