Thursday, April 29, 2004

A new WIP

I am trying to organize a knitting meet up for tomorrow evening in Union Square. It’s near Knit NY, the café I went to last week. It’s supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, and I’m eagerly anticipating knitting in the sun, maybe a cold drink by my side.

I haven’t put another row on my strappy tank, but I think that’s what I’m going to work on tomorrow at the park. No one will be able to miss the strange girl knitting with bright red yarn. :)

I have 9 squares left of the baby blanket, and I’m at the point now where I don’t’ want to look at it anymore. That’s another reason I’ll have the strappy tank to work on…it’s something new and different.

Speaking of new and different, I cast on and did one row last night for a pair of socks using Patons Kroy in Krazy Stripes. Normally this wouldn’t be anything new, since I’ve made socks before, but I’m trying the 2 circular needles technique. I would’ve done more last night but I was so tired. Will work on that or the strappy tank tonight. Maybe during another one of the Pink Panther movies with the hubby?

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