Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I’ve got the sweetest husband in town. He looked up knitting stuff for me when I told him I was meeting a friend tonight to knit. Apparently it’s international knitting meet up day. Knit NY has almost 40 people attending tonight. Yay! Almost 40 people who will not just STARE at me like I’ve got 10 heads. They will know what I’m doing and talk to me about other things. Ok, so maybe we’ll talk about knitting, yarn, and LYSs. I can’t wait.

Speaking of staring….A man sat down next to me on the train this morning and if he leaned over anymore, his face would’ve been in my lap. He was trying to see the square I was working on, but instead of asking me what I was doing/making, he used the leaning tactic. It’s quite annoying. It’s the first experience with a leaner, but not the first with starers. I’m friendly, and don’t bite (ok, sometimes I do), you can ask me what I’m doing, what I’m working on. In fact, it’ll please me to no end. I had my first commenter last week and while she was a scary older woman who missed her stop to talk to me, it pleased me so much that someone was nice enough to talk to me.

Knitting in public (KIP) is strange to people, and I find it strange that people, on a whole, find it strange, since knitting has become so “trendy”. And then I find it strange, that if it’s so trendy, why don’t I see more people KIP? Is it because they’re closet knitters? They don’t want the stares or comments? I don’t know what it is. I know that I knit at home before I KIP, and it was because I didn’t want to be labeled a freak. Then I had a project that I wanted to work on and wanted to finish, and knew I had an hour on the train each way that could be knitting time. Yes, I felt like a freak, I still do. But I don’t mind the label anymore.

In fact, here’s how much of a freak I am. Here’s my knitter’s code:

-------Begin Knitter’s Geek Code Block-------

KCR Exp+ SPM++ Steel Bam+ Syn Nov+ Cot++ Wool++ Lux+ Stash-(+) Scale+ Fin Ent? FI+ Int+ Tex++ Flat Circ+ Swatch GaugeDkW(+)B KIP+++ FO+ WIP+ Blog AltX+

-------End Knitter’s Geek Code Block-------