Monday, April 26, 2004

Coolness factor
I’d like to think that I’m cool. I listen to the top 40 and am open to listening to most everything. I tend to buy the latest styles of clothing, unless they make me look fatter than I already am. I have 3 tattoos. I’d like to think that as my son gets older he’ll think of me as the cool mom, not an uncool mom. But, I’ve been told in the past few weeks that I’m not cool. Why? Because I knit. Something that I do that’s SO trendy now(and I might mention that I started knitting before it became trendy), but I’m not cool.

How many people comment on how cool my sweaters are? How many comment on one particular sweater with the thumbhole, saying, “oh my god that’s so cool!”? How many people have asked where I bought my fuzzy colorful scarf, to find out that I made it myself and say, cool! Tons. Yet in later conversations call me a geek, dweeb or tell me that I used to be cool. It bothers me. Only good thing that comes out of this is that those who want to make fun of my hobby will be taken off the “make Christmas presents for” list. Less work for me, more time to make stuff for those that take me for who I am. And I am a knitter.

Almost 2/3 way done with the squares for the baby blanket. I have just about 10 squares left. I hope to be done with them soon. I wanted to try and do the strappy tank and have it finished before my trip to DC mid May.

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