Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ahoy there matey!

Eyepatch is done, and while I still think it's awful strange for grown men to go out dressed as pirates to drink at any other time other than Halloween, I made the eyepatch for the husband. And here he is modelling it:

Earlier this week, I was working on the tank on the train home, and a stop before mine, I started to pack up, and I heard a snap. The circs that I was using had broken. Addi Naturas, nonetheless. I lost about 10 stitches just as the train pulled into my stop. Thankfully, there was a bench just as I got off, where I carefully put the stitches back on and packed it all very carefully back into my bag. I then ran to the daycare to pick up my son, and requested rubberbands to hold the rest of the stitches on til I could get home and transfer needles. I took the broken one back today, and the shop took it back no questions, and gave me a new circ. My only problem with the whole thing was that the shop was in Staten Island, and I had to pay an $8 toll to get into SI to exchange the darn thing. Oh well. Next time I know not to get anything from that shop that may need exchanging/returning.

I'm still slowly working on the Victoria Tank. I have reached a point where I just want to be at the armholes already, and want the thing to be done. I feel like no matter how many rows I'm doing, it's not making a dent in the number of inces I need to move to the next portion of the pattern. This could have contributed to screwing up the pattern and forcing me to frog a few rows. Here's the WIP:


zibibbo said...

HEE! Love the eyepatch! Do hubby and friends speak Pirate Speek while out? Remind him the international Talk Like A Pirate Day is on Sept 19th! (

Gina said...

Yes, it strange for grown men to go out drinking dressed as pirates, but there's something refreshing and charming about it as well. I raise my teacup to your first mate and his chums.