Thursday, July 08, 2004

The first Easter Sock

Ok, hopefully the blogger comments thing will work.

I finished the first of the Easter socks. Will have a pic later. I did the sewn cuff technique, given in the pattern, and well, it was easy enough, but, it's too tight and I can't get the sock over the heel. So, I've got to undo it and fix it. Nevertheless, I'm quite proud of the sock; it's the most complicated one I've done to date. And it's so purty.

I still have to finish the sewing of the Onde. I may just do that now. I had a full day of no knitting yesterday (!), because I had to go out of town to a funeral for my grandfather. So to make up for the lack of knitting yesterday, I am home today and will knit til it's time to pick up my son from school, and may stay home tomorrow to knit. :)

Pics of FO's later today. Ciao.

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