Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Finished Onde

I still haven't fixed the comments.

I finished all the knitting on the Onde this weekend. I started sewing it up, and have finished one sleeve seam and one side seam. I love mattress stitch. It's the greatest.

I started working on Thursday night, the Easter socks. I am doing them from the toe up and am now to the leg part with the Cloverleaf pattern. The pattern is a 6 row repeating pattern, and I did 3 or 4 rows of it and screwed up royally. So I ripped it out and will start again from the beginning of the pattern. But the rest of the sock is really nice. I love the way that the colors look on the sock.

When I'm done with the Onde, I am going to start on Xmas gifts. I think I will start with Broad Street Mittens in a black merino wool that I got on the yarn crawl back in May. They're for my brother.

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