Monday, July 19, 2004

So very tired

I've been up late every night, knitting and watching tv.  Damn that VH1 and their I love the 90's!  I finished the Florida socks, and started on socks with the Lorna's Laces from Threadbear.  I'm calling them Jenny socks, because my friend Jenny is getting them.
I frogged all of what I started on the shawl.  I had extra stitches, and I didn't want to leave them and fudge the pattern.  I did start it again, but don't have as many rows done as before.  I'm doing one pattern repeat at a time.  Hopefully I can stick with it and it comes out nice.  It's just too nice of a yarn to swap for something, and I'm too selfish to want to make something for someone else with it.
I just got the yarn in the mail (must remember to hide it from the husband) for the Victoria tank in Interweave Knits Summer '04 issue.  It's so cute.  I just knew it was perfect for my sister, so that's what she's getting for Xmas.  It's a lacy sort of tank...something makes me think that I'm not just on a sock kick...I'm on a lace kick as well.
My poor baby...he keeps seeing all this yarn and keeps asking if I'm making him something.  Must remember to buy some yarn to make him a sweater for the fall/winter.  Speaking of my baby, I thought I'd share a photo of him.  Ignore the mess around the child... 

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Sarah said...

I'm kinda glad I don't get VH-1, or I would be watching I love the 90's too! I get my fix from my daily dose of "Much More Retro." An hour a day of 80s and 90s videos. Guaranteed to make me traipse down memory lane!