Sunday, July 11, 2004

Surprises in the mail

The last two days have brought knitting related items into my mailbox. First, I received size 1 needles, 2 circs, and 2 sets of dpns, from Monkeemaven, as an exchange. Was very excited about the needles. Then yesterday on the way to the doctor's office, I found the newest Family Circle Knits in my mailbox. Have dog earred pages in it already. The nurse at the drs office said that if I wanted business, she'd hook me up with people who would pay $$ for ponchos. Do I have the time to do this? I'm seriously considering it. But isn't there copyright laws or something that say that I can't accept money for knitting from patterns not written by me?

The doctor's appointment yesterday was to find out results from the xrays done on my wrist. Am pleased to report that I do not have carpal tunnel, nor arthritis. There are calcium buildups on my tendons, which the doc says is nothing to worry about and is sending me to a specialist to see what can be done about it. There was mention of giving me injections of something or other. Not thrilled at the prospect of something being injected into my wrist, but if it takes the pain away, great.

Of course, you know, the first thing I did after finding out I don't have a major problem: go across the street to the park and pull out the knitting. I am almost to the heel of the second Easter sock. It's coming along slowly, I think, because I want to post a photo of the finished pair on the webalong site (see side bar for link if interested), and I read that the deadline for this particular sock is 7/31. I hate deadlines.

I started Thursday night the pair of Broadstreet Mittens for my bro for Xmas. Got to the part where I start the fingers and tried it on and it's huge. I accidentally started on a different size needle than the first pair I made and voila! It's huge. Thankfully, the hubby said that he would wear them if I made the thumb fingerless. So the hubby gets a pair of mittens, and I'll have to start again with the correct size needles for my bro.

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