Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Another finished object!

My Easter socks are done! I still need to take pics of the two together. Was going to do it last night, but the battery on the camera died. So, definitely tonight. They're really cute together, even though the heels are different. I breezed thru the first sock so quickly, that I didn't notice that on the knit round of the heel, you're supposed to S1, K1, repeat to end. So it's all K. The second sock is the correct way. I don't think it's that big a deal. Anyway, it makes my socks even more unique, right?

I started socks for a friend of mine for Xmas. Laura lives in Florida and I chose the colorway because it reminded me of the beach. Well, I've only done a few rows on the cuff, and it no longer reminds me of the beach, but still of Florida. So, they're the Florida socks. Maybe when I take pics of the Easter socks tonight, I'll take a WIP pic of the FL socks.

Something cute for today: My son (4 in October), said to me this morning, "I will get bigger, and bigger, and bigger. And then I will be Spiderman!" Ok, maybe not so cute to others, but definitely cute to me. :)

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