Friday, July 16, 2004

Darn firewalls!

I used to be able to update on Blogger from work.  Between 4:30 pm yesterday and 8:30am this morning, the firewalls changed and I no longer have access.  Maybe they did just my computer.  :)
Anyway, knitting is coming along quickly.  I have one Florida sock done:
I have started on the second:
I got the yarn from Threadbear today.  This after I went to the LYS to get some stitch markers and my son said, very loudly, Mommy, we're not buying yarn!  Hubby must be teaching him to say things like that.  :)  Here's the yarn from Threadbear:
And finally, the lace pattern on the Easter socks inspired me to do a larger scale project in lace.  So I finally pulled out the Blue Heron yarn I bought at the yarn crawl in May and the Lily Chin shawl pattern and started it.  Here's what I got so far:
Thus my need for stitch markers.  Anyways, my son is asking for juice...must comply or else he won't let me buy more yarn!


Gina said...

Ugh! How dare your company get in the way of your blogging. What are they thinking?

Leslie said...

Love the socks...great colors! And I LOVE the blue/purple yarn from Threadbear. Is it also destined for socks?