Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A quickie

Weekend knitting accomplishments:

- 1 of 2 dinos knit and stuffed. The other is half stuffed.
- VK Cardi blocked/seamed. Needs buttons, which I will get tonight.
- Picovoli. Significant progress made, since it was the project I took to the park to sit in the sun with while the little one ran around like a crazy boy. If I purchase a needle tonight (left mine home), it will be finished tonight.

Pics tomorrow, along with the how many jelly beans in the glass...and the winner of the Brooks Farm yarn. Unless someone else guesses between now and midnight EST tonight, there is only one of you closest to the correct number!


Anonymous said...



Jennifer said...

Sounds like we're going to see lots of FOs soon!

wendy said...

Ok...My kids have all tried to figure your jellybean question and they all agree that it's around 50.Gregory said 57, but the others wouldn't state a firm number so around 50 is our guess