Friday, April 14, 2006

If I write it, I will do it

My list of to do's for the long weekend:

- finish knitting dinosaurs, seam and stuff
- block and seam VK cardi
- make significant progress on Picovoli

I had a drs appt. this morning, and I did about 2 inches on Picovoli. Only to realize that I screwed up the number of cast on stitches at the arm, and had to rip back all of the work I did. And of course, as I'm putting 168 live stitches back on the needles, they call me in. I almost asked for a few more minutes to continue to put them back on, but I didn't. And I didn't lose any stitches. Go me!

Keep those guesses coming for the Brooks Farm yarn!! And to all you lurkers, keep on commenting...I don't bite....hard. :) See you on Monday with an update on my weekend knitting.


Jennifer said...

I want to see the dinos!!!

trek said...

Tres cool on not losing any stitches at the doc's office. Yestrerday, I too had to visit the GP and was able to knit while she did my exam - helps that she knits and was intrigued by my entrelac. :o)

LaBean said...

Ain't that how it always goes. It gets to where I don't bring my knitting to doc visits anymore just for that reason. At least, not anything count-intensive or any complicated patterns.