Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Can I just say how sad I am? I cast on Sunday evening for Mariah, did the cuff and put it down to work on the train to work. Worked til I had roughly 7 or 8 inches of the sleeve. Cables looked great. Took day off today and was super psyched to have a whole day to knit. Picked up where I left off and at about 13 inches, looked at the work and was amazed at the cables. But noticed it looked kinda small. I know I was on gauge, but I measured anyway. Measurements off. Looked at the pattern, and that's when I noticed. I didn't do any increases, starting at about 6 inches. And since the cables are slightly complex, I couldn't rip back to 6 inches with ease. I ripped out the entire thing. Even hubby sympathized with me over the phone. It hurts. The cuff is knit again and I'm not psyched anymore to knit this sweater. :(


Gina said...

That is such bad news. I'm ready to join you in crying. Sorry. The urge to knit will come upon you again -- soon.

Bean said...

Yuck I hate when that happens. I've been having a rough couple days myself, so I'm ready to cry right along with you..

Anonymous said...

I feel for you - I have to admit I have had similar problems getting started on Mariah and although I love the look of the Cardi I am beginning to doubt if I have it in me to start again.

your Knitty SP