Thursday, March 03, 2005

We have a sleeve!

Well, almost a sleeve. I've got close to 16 inches on the first sleeve for Mariah. I'm a bit nervous though...the sleeve increases say to continue in pattern, and I took that to mean once enough stitches, put another cable. I've looked at other Mariah's and their sleeves are plain. Obviously you can't see the underside of the arm in the picture, but am I making too much work for myself? Why do I even ask? I'm going to leave as is; I'm not frogging back 10 inches. Pics to come tonight/tomorrow when I have them.

Looking forward to my yarn shopping trip to Flying Fingers on their yarn bus. My mom, sister and I have a date with the bus on the 19th. I hope I can control myself...their Blue Sky Alpaca is on sale til the 20th. Mmmmm...Blue Sky Alpaca.

I have neglected the second Stripey Sock. The poor thing calls to me, but I'm deaf to its cries because of Mariah. Mariah's cries to be worked on are much louder. Poor Stripey Sock. Will have to give it some love this weekend.


Sarah said...

Way to triumph over that sleeve frogging calamity! Thatta girl!!!



Gina said...

you're taking a bus to flying fingers? do they have their own shuttle now? i've gone by the store, but i've never stopped in. if you like greek food, there's a nice little place down the hill from flying fingers...

goodkarma said...

I almost did the same thing you did with the Mariah sleeve... but I saw other knitters' pics before getting to that point, so I simply ribbed the increases. I still don't know (or care!) which is "right"; yours will be gorgeous.

I can't wait to see all of our finished Mariahs! Are you going to install a hood or do something else like a collar?