Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mariah progress

So, almost 2 weeks after my sleeve debacle, this is where I am in Mariah. It's dark, but you can see that there is a LOT of progress!

I have another 12 2 row decrease repeats on the yoke and then it's on to the hood. And I'm hoping to have it done this boss is out of the office 2 days this week! :)

Because it's too big for train knitting now, I'll have the stripey sock done by the end of the week as well. That leaves the baby blanket left and well, I can't do that since I'm missing the orange for the intarsia of the duck. S'ok though. I got my TKGA Level I package and will focus on the swatches. Or, when I go to Flying Fingers, maybe I'll pick a new project up! :)

Just for little guy playing around:


Anonymous said...

Great progress with Mariah. It looks like a lovely deep red colour. What yarn did you use?

I love the picture of your little guy!

take care


theraydog79 said...

whos that? danny potter? lol
hes too cute.

Nicole said...

Your Mariah looks great! I am looking forward to the finished product.

Gina said...

Wow! Your "little" guy is much bigger than I'd imagined. He's a cutie.

Sarah said...

Oooh! You make such nice things!

Beautiful sweaters... adorable children...

Give yourself a pat on the back, lady!