Friday, March 18, 2005

You know when you're on a roll and you just can't put the knitting down til you finish? Well, that was last night. I was on the hood and at last measurement before I sat down to knit, I needed another 7-8 inches to go before binding off. Woo hoo, right? Well, I did close to 6 and tried to drape Mariah on me and see how the hood was coming along and realized, hey, you'd get a better idea of how much more to do if one side was sewn and could actually sit nicely on the body. So out came the needle and one side got sewn up. And then I knit a few more rows. And then I started weaving in some ends. And that's about when the hubby came out into the living room and said, what on earth are you doing up at 1am? Yeah, 1am. And by the time I put everything away, took my contacts out and everything, I wasn't in bed til 1:30. So I'm struggling at work this morning.

In other knitting news, I've abandoned the second stripey sock. Poor sock is half finished; I have to pick up heel stitches and do the gusset decreases and I'm home free on the foot, but the lure of a package from Threadbear containing one skein of Helen's Lace in the Glenwood colorway had me winding it up and starting another Clapotis. I'm using it doubled like Six and a Half Stitches. I'm wavering on making it smaller than my first one, but we'll see how anxious I am to get to the 3rd section and eager to drop stitches.

I still have not received my one orange skein of Takhi Cotton Classic II from I know it's on backorder, so I can't fault them, but I'm anxious to finish up the baby blanket and send it off to it's new owner. The baby is due in May, and while I do still have time, it's sitting there yelling at me to finish it. Finally something out of my control. Maybe, just maybe, anyone who reads this and has one orange skein of Cotton Classic II, and it must be II, in their stash would want to send it to me? I'll love you forever and would be glad to send you something in return....homemade cookies, some sock yarn, my boss. Oh wait, sending you my boss doesn't make you want to give me yarn. Scratch that.

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Christine said...

OH I'm so jealous! You can Knit AT WORK????? WOW! Thanks for dropping in my blog! I'm adding you to my must-read list! Good luck with the flower scarf, I must warn you, it's VERY hard to put down as they go so fast!!