Monday, December 04, 2006

She's got the big guns

Oh, how I love Skid Row. Unlike my coworker who the day after Thanksgiving turned her radio to 24/7 Xmas music on it's highest volume and is trying to make me jump out the window.

Anyways, a finished handspun superfine alpaca hat for mom. It's plain, and I'd like to jazz it up a little bit. Any suggestions? I'd like to use regular stash yarn or handspun stash if possible. If I can't jazz it up, I'm hoping to finish spinning up a good amount of some lovely brown alpaca I have to give to her. Heck, I may do that even if I jazz up the hat.

Also done are Fuzzy Feet. Not felted (obviously). Mom's boyfriend has size 8 1/2 feet, and they look fairly large....I hope that they fit properly once felted. Yarn is Wool of the Andes (2 and a smidge of a third ball), leftovers from my Rogue. Gotta love stash busting.

Progress on the brother's sock...Trekking from stash.

Also started....Broad Street Mittens for a friend...Knit Picks Sock Memories from...where else? Stash!

Any guesses on when the next "finished Xmas object post" will go up? :)


Bezzie said...

Hm, can you crochet? Maybe a nice crocheted or knitted flower? I really like it plain though. Reminds me of fluffy white perfect snow.

I hear you on the stash busting...I love holiday knitting (ok, except for the deadline part!)

Zonda said...

Nice hat! If she likes flowers that could add to it. I think FF are on everyone's list this year too! Go you!! :)

spinndiva said...

how about some embroidery? with handspun yarn? I think that would be your knitted aran sweatters!!!

LaBean said...

Umm You already knit it! there's not much jazzing left to do! (to me, anyway). Did you get gauge on your fuzzy feet? I'm using Patons Classic and 10.5s and getting nowhere. I'm ready to break out the 13s. (blame Helen, she told me Patons would work! lol).

I see you posting your next Xmas knitting update on Thursday!

Necia said...

I love all the stash busting you are doing. I should definitly follow suit. I also really like that you are knitting with your handspun. I'm doing so much spinning, and not enough knitting with it yet. Kudos to you.


Jennifer said...

I think a crochet or knit flower would be perfect.

Sarah said...

Wow! Christmas Arans! Amazing fast knitter you are! They look loverly.

As does the handspun hat! I like plain hats, so I'd leave it plain, soft and warm!

Gina said...

I think all of that furious knitting and stash-busting is Skid Row induced. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

i love the colors of the mitten! and a round of applause for the aran sweaters. you have done in less than 1 month what i could never do in 5 years!!