Sunday, October 08, 2006


Thank you all for the wonderful compliments on the shawl. It's one of the few things I've made that I'm head over heels in love with.

Shortly after the shawl's completion, I put the needles away and started to clean house. Clean house for the annual birthday party for the little guy. He turned 6 last week, and it's been difficult for me. His two requested birthday gifts were not baby gifts, or even little kid gifts. They were truly big boy gifts and I've had to come to terms with him getting older. The two gifts? A guitar and Lego Star Wars. He got the guitar from us, and he will get the video game next weekend from his aunt.

The party on Saturday was fun. I've got pics, but as they have other kids whose parents may not want their faces plastered all over the net, you get only a couple. But they say oh so many words:

That's Tamara's littlest one, by the way. Right after everyone but Tamara and her kids left, I broke out the needles, swatched and cast on for a new project. I'm hoping to have it done by Rhinebeck, which is in two weeks. Any guesses on what it is?

Off to keep knitting.


LaBean said...

GEEZ K! When did you take that pic?(what time of day). Wow.. you move FAST!!! AND it's in the round??? (faints)
Oh, and I was kinda hoping you were gonna post the socks I gave Danny; I didn't take a pic when I finished! Whoopsie!!

We had a great time and the kids are craving brownies again.. shhhhhh They got candy!

Valerie said...

I swear, if you finish your sweater before I finish mine, I'm not speaking to you any more. ;)

Where are photos of the birthday boy with his guitar, huh?

Bezzie said...

EE!! That cake was dark wasn't it!?!

I'm almost exactly a year behind you, but I know exactly what you're talking about! Where'd the little baby boy go?!?!

cpurl17 said...

Looks like the birthday boy had an awesome day!

You got that far in one afternoon? You are the Jedi knitting master, I kneel down before you.

the kitchener bitch (purrl) said...

ronnie is so gorgeous! And the cake is cute too. Can't wait to see the rest of that sweater you're working up. One afternoon?! I'm lucky if i can make that kind of progress in a week!

Laura said...

Rogue! What an awesome sweater pattern. I love it--you will, too.

firefly said...

Very nice work you do!


Tina in Wonderland said...

I hope your little boy had a great birthday; the cake looks cool!

Your Icarus turned out sooooo beautiful!