Sunday, October 29, 2006

Madge and Anastasia

As promised, pics of Madge:

Pattern: Madge, from Knittyspin
Yarn: Handspun (by me!) New Zealand Wool in Lusty Lady (bought off Etsy)
Needles: size 5 Crystal Palace circular
Modifications: My yarn was a lot thinner than the pattern intends, so I cast on 10 extra stitches, and did chart A twice. I'm very happy with the results.

More spinning:
Merino/silk blend that Kristen sent me for the spinning sp. I love the way it's spinning up, love the pink color. I've just started on the second bobbin and should be ready to ply soon.

What do a rainy day, some movies, a cup of tea, needles and a new ball of yarn add up to? See for yourself.

Pattern: Anastasia socks
Yarn:'s Portrait of a Girl
Needles: size 1 Clover dpn's
Started 10/26, finished 10/28 (ok, so the second sock was the only one done on the rainy day....)

Next time, more handspun, and a blog contest!


Laura said...

I really hope that the contest is another jelly bean counting contest AND that the prize is that pink yarn that you're spinning....


Pam said...

Gorgeous socks, I love the color, and the pattern shows up great!

LaBean said...

Ditto on the socks! That pink is scrumptious!! Madge looks great. I'd love to make it but I prefer hats without too many holes in them... Who knows. Maybe I'll change my mind.

Nancy said...

Madge looks great! I came across that pattern the other day going thru Knitty and was thinking if I ever get my yellowspun stuff up and plyed,, that I'd like to make that!

trek said...

I love the pink merino silk blend!

Zonda said...

Madge turned out great! I bet it was fun knitting up your own handspun! Your pink silk is looking awesome and your pink Anastasia socks also! :)

Bezzie said...

The more Madges I see, the more I like that pattern!

The pink merino silk is gorgeous! Like spun cotton candy!

Christine said...

OH the colors! beautiful! Love the hat and the socks are to die for! very nice

helen said...

that sock pattern really works well with the yarn! great job on it all

bensmumma said...

I love your madge! I did the same thing - 10 extra stitches, 2 repeats! My favorite hat! And, would you believe, I'm also doing anastasia? I'm knit-stalking you and I didn't even know it...