Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rhinebeck Recap

The day started at 4:15am, when I awoke to start getting ready to pick up three lovely ladies, Tamara, Amy and Val, for the ride up to Rhinebeck. We arrived before they were "officially" open, making The Fold our first stop. I did not purchase as much as I had anticipated purchasing, but was very happy to have been in the booth first to have a grand array of yarn for selection.

After wandering about for a bit, Val, who had wandered away to do her own thing, found us telling us she had found a Majacraft wheel 50% off. We all booked it back to the building and I tried the Suzie. It wasn't for me. They also had a Lendrum DT for a very reasonable price and I asked to try that one as well. The second I started spinning, I knew. It was instant. This was my wheel. So, by 10am, not even 2 hours into the festival day, I was the proud owner of a Lendrum. I'm still thinking of a name....any suggestions?

The rest of the day was just as fun, fondling the many, many different types of roving and oohing and aahing over the different colors. I sort of missed everyone who showed up for the Knittyhead meetup (sorry folks), but got the chance to catch up with one of my favorite bloggers, former downstream SP, and recipient of the mystery socks (hopefully she'll post them soon, as I forgot to take a pic), Sarah. Sarah, as I have said before, has an Etsy shop, and I bought the coolest roving from her. It looks EXACTLY like a sno cone, and makes me wish Mr. Softee were still out and about so I could get a sno cone.

The trunk filled up quite quickly, what with my wheel purchase and Val's warping board....this is what it looked like sometime in the middle of the day.

I got everyone home at a reasonable time, and I was home taking my haul pics and itching to play with my new wheel by 9pm (yay for parking spots directly across the street from the house!).

My haul, minus the lovely wheel:

Gypsy Girl Creations in Angela

My only Socks that Rock purchase, medium weight in Beryl

The Sheep Shed's Merino/Tencel in Sunrise

The Sheep Shed's Merino/Tencel in Autumn

Cloverleaf Farms Wool/Silk in Dragon

Now, I have to figure out a way to not work so I can spin, spin, spin!!


Sarah said...




Sock yarn!

Hanging out with Val and Tamara and Amy!

So happy you got a wheel!

stringthing said...

congrats on the super haul

spinndiva said...

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ... WHEEL!!!!! STUFF!!!!! WOHOOOOOO!
I"m a liiiiiiiiitle envious....
so much wonderfull stuff and fluff
and so much fun with fun knittyheads!!!
Have fun with your new wheel!

Brittany said...

Blogger commenting is not agreeing with me today.... but I'm not here to share my woes!

In short ('cause I'm cranky and have typed this out 3 times already ;P ):

Yay new wheel! Looks so great!

Yay new fibre!

Me = green with envy.

LaBean said...

YAY for wheel! (waitaminit, I was THERE!) I'm glad we got to hang and enjoy this fabulous festival together. I'm still glowing a little.. hehe. I say, Name it Linda... Linda the Lendrum! :))

Abbey said...

Whaaaa! I missed you! I thought maybe you got stuck in the "lamb line" :) That's ok... this means I just need to plan a trip down to the city!

Glad you had fun... we did as well.

I'm jealous of the lovely wheel..
Lovely Lendrum.

or you could call it
Lilly, Lara, Lita, Lou Lou, Lillith, Lydia, or Lacey. I'm out of L names.


turtlegirl76 said...

Name it Devo. But don't Whip it! Whip it good! Spin it! Spin it good! Heh

What wonderful fiber pr0n. Ooooh.

Gina said...

Great stuff! Sorry I missed you. I arrrived at 3:30pm, and Joe and I were focused on venison, lamb and the Gem Show.

Jo said...

Everything is so pretty - I'm afraid to ask how much the spinning wheel set you back, though. I can't wait to see what you spin out of it.


Zonda said...

Glad you found yourself a wheel! Maybe Libby, or RB..hehe!

Nice fiber haul too, can't wait to see what you spin! Enjoy..and yeah, I'd love to find a way not to work too just to knit also!

Amy said...

Looks like you made out well, Karen. I'm sorry we didn't meet up. Unbeknownst to me, my companion is not a fan of crowds and we didn't get to see much at all, nevermind getting there about an hour late for STR, to my chagrin. Add to that three little girls constantly complaining of boredom and you get me coming all by myself no matter what next year :)

Amy said...

And one more thing.....I have a Lendrum too. I remember talking to you about wheels last Rhinebeck. I learned to spin on a Louet, and I've spun on a Schact DT which unfortunately was out of my price range, but I really think the Lendrum suits me fine. Enjoy spinning your snow cone!

Laura said...

jealous jealous jealous jealous

Necia said...

Congrats on the wheel purchase! What a lovely haul you got there! I'm so tired from Rhinebeck, I wish I didn't have to work just so I could recuperate, oh and maybe spin a little too. I named my new wheel Lucie Liu.


Anonymous said...

What a great haul! :-)
Congrats on finding a great wheel.

cathy said...

It was so great to meet you! Thank you for the book. It's already being useful. Congratulations on the wheel.
Yay Rhinebeck :)

Batty said...

Wheel, roving yarn...

I want to go to Rhinebeck! Next year, I'm so going!

Bezzie said...

The mythical wheel is now a reality! Woo hoo!!

Um, is your blog brown now? Or am I just oblivious?

DeltaDawn said...

Wow - some haul! I'm insanely jealous that you walked away with a Lendrum - I'm waiting for the allegedly always behind maker to get some to the Woolery so they can ship mine! Nice photos of the merino/tencel - I can see the shine. I'll look forward to seeing it spun up - I have some waiting in the wings too.

mf said...

Nice wheel & a great haul of fiber goodness!! Woohooo!