Thursday, March 30, 2006

No photos today

So, I asked Bean last week or the week before for help on a new sock pattern. She came up with this. I'm awful at short row heels, and can't ever seem to get a provisional cast on straight, so I took this pattern as a challenge, not to mention they're KAREN's socks. I cast on using some of that orange yarn that Laura sent me awhile ago. The cast on went smoothly, but the short rows sucked. Frogged. Started again (I'm now a pro at a provisional cast on), and this time one side of the toe was great, while the other was, well, poofy. Frogged again, and I did what any good sock addict would do....cast on for a new sock, with new yarn, and a new pattern. This time around, I cast on for Alison's ankle socks. I've done these before, but with a dark yarn so you can't see the mess of the short rows. I hoped to get it right this time around, and I did. I finished one complete sock while getting my taxes done at H&R Block Monday night. I'm awful proud of the short rows. And I think I've finally gotten the hang of them.

The Karen's socks and the second ankle sock have been put on hold for awhile. I started a new project on Tuesday, a cardi from an old VK issue (spring/summer '04), in Misti cotton. I've got almost 10 inches on the back so far, but this might be put on hold as well. Missy has just started working on the Shetland Tea Shawl that I've been working on. Mine was banished, but she thinks she'll finish hers before I finish mine, and I can't let that happen. I have to frog one row on it, make sure my stitch count is correct and I'm back to knitting it. I started frogging it last night (no life line, I know, I'm dumb), and hope to be working on it again this weekend. You can't threaten me Missy! :)

Stay tuned for Stash photos on Sat....there's over a dozen photos!


LaBean said...

Aww Sorry about the pattern. If it'll make you feel better when I finish Poma I'll make those socks.. for YOU. Get MISSY!! You can do it. If I don't put up pics of Roxy before we meet I'll bring it then. You know I'll need help lining it right? :D

Laura said...

go Karen! Beat Monkee! You're way ahead of her.