Friday, April 01, 2005

Flash the Stash!!

Ok, so it's time to show you how I hoarde my fiber. As I went around the house taking photos, I amazed myself as to how much I actually do have. It's not alot compared to some of you out there, but it's a sizable stash.

Here's the 2 baskets on my bookcase in my living room:

Here's the basket at the side of the couch that I sit on:

In my bedroom, another bookcase with another basket, and a shelf of books/magazines. Yes, all knitting related books/mags.

Within those baskets, from left to right, are: acrylic, oddballs, cotton (with a Manos thrown in), sock yarn, and everything else.

My very small stash of roving for spinning:

A fuzzy something that didn't want to take pics with anything else:

A ball of laceweight yarn with a box of baking soda for size (for trade, if anyone wants it...)

Needlecases where I store circs, dpns and all other knitting tools (complete with Citi sticker of I <3 _____. Of course I was going to fill it in with "yarn"!!):

And lastly, a sweater I made awhile ago that I'm going to frog:

Is that enough flashing for you? :)


monkeemaven said...

Nice looking stash!

Bad me: Ask what she'd want for the laceweight!
Good me: You have enough laceweight
Bad me: But... you could trade away some other yarn you won't use
Good me: Who am I kidding? I can't part with my yarn! I love it!
Bad me: never hurts to ask....

So, um, anything in my stash strike your fancy? (Might want to pick several options since a lot of what I have I'm rather attatched to... :o )


good stash pics - looks a lot more organised than mine!

I've answered your questions on my blog now - it was great fun, thanks!

PP x


Oops! Have realised that I have been calling you by the slightly wrong name of 'coolnknit'! Have amemded my blog and offer many apologies!

PP x