Monday, June 14, 2004

Yay! The baby blanket is completely done. Finished it during my day at home "mourning President Reagan". It's been blocked and everything. It is currently in the mail room in transit to its new owner. Here's a pic: Baby Blanket.

So, sadly, the only thing on my WIP's list is my Onde sweater. And I'm a good 3 inches into the front of it. Something tells me, however, that I may need one more ball of the white, since I made a slight change in the pattern to the length of the sweater.

Oh wait! I started a pair of socks from the leftover yarn from the baby blanket for a friend's daughter. They're yellow with green for the heel and toe. I finished one, and have to do the other. They're really cute.

I have started on and off a shawl. It's really fine yarn, and either my needles are too slippery or I'm not used to working with such fine yarn or a combo of both. This is the yarn: Blue Heron yarn. Maybe once the Onde sweater is completed (next week?), I can focus solely on this. Or maybe I'll start socks out of this: I call this Pretty. I still need to search out a pattern and yarn to make me and my boys matching hooded sweatshirts for the winter...

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