Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The mittens were finished yesterday. Ok, so I still have to sew the ribbing of the mitten part onto the sides of the glove, but it's a 5 minute thing. It's technically done. :P I'm working hard on the Onde, and have about 10-11 inches done of the back. I'm at a point now where the pink is starting to slowly turn white...it's really cool.

I'm determined to try and use up a good portion of my stash on little projects before I go and get yarn for another big project. Right about now my husband would utter, "uh huh, right." That's because he knows I'm a yarn addict. But that's ok, I can admit it. I have planned, once the summer is over, to do sweatshirts for hubby, child and myself. Different colors of course, because we don't want to look like geeks. But I know that's going to take up a lot of room, all the yarn I'll need, so I want to clear out a bit before doing that project.

And hell, maybe before my friend's baby is born end of the month/early next month, I'll have finished sewing up that gosh darned baby blanket....

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