Monday, September 04, 2006

Four days off

What do you get when you have 4 days off and a bunch of unfinished objects? Why, finished objects of course!

This weekend I did my housecleaning and grocery shopping early so I could sit and knit/spin. The weather cooperated with me and forced me to stay indoors and out of the rain. So, what did I do? Well, I wove in the ends on Pico, even though the knitting has been done for awhile. I finally got to wash and skein up some camel that I spun and some merino. The merino is the pink color.

I also finished up a handspun hat for the little guy. He picked out the colors; I can not be held accountable for that. He loved it so much, he wore it in the house all day and then wondered when we could go shopping for more fiber to make him a scarf.

I finished up the second of the Northern Lights Mittens.

I finished up Go With The Flow. The photo is not the most flattering of me. I blame my brother.

I dyed up some silk hankies using some Kool Aid. I got a headache from the sweet smell in my kitchen. They are more red than the picture makes them out to be.

I started spinning up some merino/kid mohair blend that I got from the Yarn Tree.

I finished up a secret project for my spinning sp, but I can't show you that. And speaking of SPs, my very belated photos of a package from my spinning SP.

The brown fiber is a pound of alpaca (YUM!) and the white is bombyx silk top.

Blog stalking photos next time.


aija said...

What a wonderful collex of FOs! Now I wish my weekend was as productive :)

Knittini said...

he looks great!!...and so do you! that is a lot of fiber...cant wait to see it spun up.

cpurl17 said...

Wow! I had 3 days off and managed to finish....nothing.

Little Guy looks great in his new hat--and those mittens, sigh, I hope I can knit like that someday.

You look great in your new sweater too (leave it to a sibling take an eyes half shut photo).

Brittany said...

The little guy looks adorable in that hat! The tank looks great too!

That alpaca is making me droooooool....

Susann said...

Wow! What a productive weekend you had! Your mittens are awesome.

Pam said...

Wow, you got so much done, I wish my weekend was as productive! I LOVE the mittens, they are gorgeous!

Laura said...


looks great. You and val should wear them on the same day and then go yarn shopping.

stringthing said...

1. yummy fiber and lovely yarn
2. i need that hat (especially today)
3. thanks for the comment

Sarah said...


Your weekend was productive!


love the spinning!
love the hat!
love the tank!
love the SP giftie!

Very nice stuff indeed! A lb of alpaca! *swoons*

Gina said...

Good heavens, woman! You really made the most of your time off. Good for you.

OldLadyPenPal said...

ditto on all the comments above. and your son is FAR too cute! what's with everyone having cute sons?

also, you won a prize! my Book Title Guessing Game is over and you won a prize! my email address is on my blog if you want to send me your mailing info. :)

Bezzie said...

Don't you love those days where you get a bunch of projects done in rapid succession? I'm really loving that hat now that I see it again.
I *am* a little disappointed that you didn't spin a skein from a pink camel. :-P

Zonda said...

You were quite busy this weekend! Lovely yarns and cute hat. The mittens are awesome!

Ceallach said...

Great spinning. You might want a little more twist though to hold the singles together.....or not.

Macoco said...

The hat looks so cute - and that's a pretty good picture of you with the tank. Great job on the finished objects!

Batty said...

Great hat and mittens! And thanks for posting pictures of all that luscious fiber. Yarrrrn!