Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Feeling the pressure

The last couple of weeks have had me feeling the Christmas pressure to finish up all those gifts that I was making. And then I realized I was making for some, and not for others, and felt guilt, so I added more to the plate. BUT, with the exception of one pair of kids mittens, I am done. YAY! Now I can go back to focusing on my Nordic mittens. I've gotten to the increases for the thumb gusset on the second mitten and hope tomorrow night's meetup will give me another couple of hours of work on it so that it's done by Christmas. Should I wrap them up and place under the tree for myself? :)

Since the pressure knitting is done, I get to really, really enjoy my massage on Sunday. My boss gave me a gift certificate to Bliss Spa for my birthday and I can't wait to go. Gives me a chance to really relax, though when I really think about it, my appointment is at 8am, and I've got to come into the city for it. So I've got to get up like I'm going to work, and really, how relaxing is that?

I leave you with this today: my friend just started a blog and you should all go visit: Milestones.

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Gina said...

It might stink to have to do a regular commute for a spa appointment, but trust me -- you'll LOVE it.