Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Another new project

My Xmas gifts went over well. All except the Victoria tank, which is slightly too small in the armholes. I dread taking out the picot edging to redo the armholes. Oy. My sister has waited so long for that tank, and now she's got to wait even longer.

I am finished with the knitting portion of Zaftig. I have to get elastic and ribbon and do the crochet edging. Maybe this week.

I started Clapotis yesterday. I'm using Koigu Kersti, like LadyBean, in a bright blue mixed with pinks and purples. It's really pretty. I'm in the second section already, and hoping to get to the third and start dropping stitches soon. I believe this is the only time I'll be happy to drop a stitch.

I've been ignoring all the work on my desk...I think it's time to give in and do it.... :)

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