Saturday, October 02, 2004

Long time no post

Too much work and no time to play causes Karen's blog to be neglected. Not only busy at work, but sick as well. Sick enough to not even want to knit. That's just yucky! :)

But I'm feeling all better now, and have been working quite hard on my projects.

Progress reports:
Sport - Finished the back and left front. Have already cast on for the right front, but that's as far as I've gotten.
Victoria tank - am up to 9 inches on the body, have to go to 12 1/2 - 13 inches before separating for the front and back. Hopefully will have the next couple inches done in the next week. That's my train knitting.
Charlotte #2 - Sigh. Charlotte has been driving me crazy. I was doing so well, and introduced color #3, and then realized I'd made a colossal mistake. Had to rip out 8 rows. Once I got back to that spot, did another 2 rows and then realized that I counted wrong. Rip. Knit, recount, rip, knit, recount. I'm beginning to dislike Charlotte.

Upcoming projects:
- Knitty's Hallowig. I bought the yarn in a greenish color to do and donate to someone who's doing a play of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. All the oompa loompas will be sporting Hallowigs. :) I did 7 inches of it last night, cast on additional stitches, joined for the round, and then realized I was missing 20 stitches. I didn't cast on enough. How much does that suck? I ripped it all out. Will have to cast on again soon, because I promised it by the 20th.

- Lucy Neatby's Mermaid Socks. I bought some really pretty colored yarn from Elann a while ago and thought that the Mermaid pattern would be awesome for the yarn. Can't wait to do it.

- Yahoo Six sock along socks. I haven't printed out the pattern yet, and the name escapes me at the moment, but they were cute. Just thinking of who could benefit from a pair of socks. Anyone who's in the KAL...can the sock be done for men? I wanted to make a pair of socks for my brother for Xmas, but waiting on a good pattern.

No pics yet...I have a ton to camera battery is being charged as I type. Next post, I swear. :)


Abbey said...

Welcome back!!!
Glad to hear you're feeling better.
I'm working on the hallowig henna orange. :)

Anonymous said...

Surfed in via BlogExplosion, what a lovely site you have. Please stop by and visit me sometime too. :-)