Thursday, October 07, 2004

Yay! Photos!

The long awaited pics are finally here! Where do we start? Let's start with a photo of the 2 pacakages from my secret pal. I put them all together in one shot, minus the washcloth:

This is a closeup of the bracelet:

The washcloth:

My current WIPs, Charlotte #2 and Sport:

The next 2 colors for Charlotte:

My finished objects, Cloverleafs for a friend (weaving ends in needing to be done), and a Hallowig:

My spiderman cupcakes for my son's birthday party at school:

And finally, spiderman lives with me and you can't have him:


Anonymous said...

yeah! you have pics! i like that bracelet, might have to show the dh *wink wink*
amanda (knitchic)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!

Th epictures are great! You have a neat Secret Pal. I have to come back when I have a little more time and check out all of your projects. I wanted to stop by and give you the link to the scarf on my Blog that you asked for:

I've been working on it and really love it. I hope you will too. I've got to sign up for a blogger account so that I stop posting as "Anonymous" on all my blogger friends blogs!

Enjoy the pattern!

Kristin (of

PS - Sorry that you too had a bad Knit Out experience the year before. I hope we were the only ones. I know it really is a great event.