Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Rhinebeck pics

So, you say you haven't seen enough pictures from Rhinebeck on the blogs, huh? Well then, you're in luck because here are mine. :)

First the animals, the "rastafarian" sheep, the alpacas who refused to be photographed but I caught anyway, and the bunny hiding under his fur:

Bo Peep and her sheep (or was it Mary and her lamb?):

My sister, caught eating:

Now, onto the goodies:

My Charlotte:

And just because I loved the colors, the tree outside my grandmother's apartment:


Anonymous said...

Charlotte looks great - I loved your mom's colorway, too!
Mind of Winter Julia

Anonymous said...

BOTH Charlottes are lovely. Looks like you had a great time at Rhinebeck. My turn to be jealous. (Oops...there go those deadly sins again!)
Sharon (Knitknacks)

Leslie said...

That Charlotte is beautiful! And your goodies from Rhinebeck look very fun. Looks like you're ready to spin some of your own yarn...I'd love to try that, too!