Sunday, September 19, 2004

In love...

...with Charlotte. Yes, I've mentioned it before. But my love for Charlotte took me back to Knit NY and there I purchased a gorgeous color combination for another Charlotte. An early birthday present for me. It is all still in the bag, and I refuse to wind any of it up into balls until I finish at least one project that I'm working on. So, that forces me to work extra hard on getting the Xmas gifts out of the way and I will have time for my lovely Charlotte.

Cloverleafs are almost done. Finished the first one on Thursday, after some heel shaping help from one of the great gals at the Knitty Coffeeshop, and some great talk at the monthly knitting meetup on Wed. night. I started the second one right away and due to some insomnia, I was up at 4am Thursday morning, knitting and watching videos on VH1. I think I damned VH1 in a much earlier post, didn't I? Anyway, I have only the foot and toe to do on the second one.

I'm working on a secret project. Secret as in secret pal project. I hope that she will like it. Maybe when we're all revealed at the end of December, I will show you all. It's very close to being done. Yay!

On Sport, I'm almost 1/2 way done on the back. Another inch or so and I'll do the armhole shaping. I'm excited. It's so red and fuzzy.

I took a ride into Staten Island today. The 2004 Knit Out on October 3rd is my son's 4th birthday, so I'm not able to go, but the flyer mentioned one in SI, so I went. It was fun, and I got to help out a woman who needed help doing the gusset decreases on a sock. I hope that I didn't confuse her more. Everyone oohed and aahed over my Bob sweater, and it was nice to be the center of attention for a short period of time. Makes me feel like people aren't just being polite with their compliments and that my work really is good.

It's of color combo for Charlotte #2 and progress work soon.


Gina said...

Karen, You are a knitting fiend!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Labean here, I was hoping I could meet you at the Knit Out but alas, you won't be going... Maybe some other time. And Happy Birtday to the little one!! :)

Anonymous said...

Karen, Glad to hear that Charlotte turned out so well! Can't wait to see what it looks like. Sounds like a fantastic project. As I've said before, it will need to go on my to-do list :)