Friday, September 03, 2004

I'm an addict

I truly believe that now. Yes, my name is Karen and I am a knitting addict. That's the first step, acknowledging you have a problem. Why do I say this? Well, Charlotte is 12 rows from being done. It would have been done earlier if I (a) hadn't screwed up the count and had to frog a row and then promptly screw up the count again and frog, and (b) hubby hadn't put in a movie for us to watch (Shaolin Soccer) that forced me to put the knitting down and watch.

I can promise photos of Charlotte soon....right after I learn how do crochet to do the finishing. Yikes. I was so hoping I wouldn't have to learn how to crochet...I've got an addictive personality; look what learning to knit did to me!

I have lots of cleaning to do this weekend, so I forsee a weekend of little knitting. Not to mention mentally preparing for my son to move from the prepper room to the preK room next week. I am not ready for it.

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