Monday, September 06, 2004


I have a secret. I'm in love. In love with Charlotte. I don't know how it happened. It just did. The problem here? I don't wear shawls. I've just graduated to wearing scarves during the winter. I also don't go anywhere that would require a shawl. But I must have Charlotte. Either that or I will have to start forcing Charlotte on others. I know there will be a second one...maybe I'll make one for myself for Xmas. Sigh. I love her so.

Charlotte for my mom is ALMOST done. I finished the crocheted edging yesterday. I still need to block and add the fringe. But I think she's beautiful. My sister came with me to pick out colors. She thought that the orange color at the top should have been in the middle, and hubby thought that the orange didn't belong at all. Well, after seeing it all done, my sister thought that my color placement was the best and hubby thought it was wonderful. Now you're all curious to see the pictures, aren't you? Who am I to deny my readers? :)

And here's a close up of the crocheted edging:

The pics are a bit blurry; I'm a horrible picture taker. I leave that to the hubby. I'm quite proud of the crocheted edging...It's the first crochet I've ever done. :)

Happy Labor Day to all!


Sarah said...

Very nice job.

Speaking as someone who just finished a shawl for herself in spite of the fact that I don't wear them, they are very nice for when your shoulders are cold and you want to snuggle up in something. (One really can justify just about anything if one thinks about it!)

sarah said...

Quite beautiful crochet. Stunning!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular job! It really looks beautiful. I may have to knit one of those up myself :)

Anonymous said...


I have sent you a package. :)

Secret Pal

Abbey said...

gorgeous Karen! Great job, and I love the color combination too.

Anonymous said...

I have also succumbed to Charlotte's spell. You've chosen beautiful colours. I don't wear shawls except for in the winter months when I'm on the computer.