Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A new name

Since I rarely talk about cooking, I figured I'd change the title of the blog.

I've almost had it with the Victoria tank. Keeping with the pattern once it gets to the armholes and you move from knitting in the round to knitting the back and front separately has proven very challenging. With the armhole decreases, the pattern gets thrown out of the loop, and because it's lacy, I have to make sure that the yarn overs I do have a matching k2tog or ssk. It's too much for me. I'm thinking of making the bodice all st st, and it'll be good because now my sister won't need to find the perfect bra to wear under it/wear a separate tank. BUT, I've got to rip out what I've done, and I've done a good 20 rows..., I put it to the side and started something new. The 6 sox along has its second sock pattern out, Making Waves. I pulled some Lorna's Laces from the stash and wound it up into a lovely little ball and have cast on and done the ribbing for sock number 1. The color is Gold Hill and I am LOVING the color. It's so fall-like. It's got October written all over it. I'll have to go upstate and see the changing of the tree leaves this year while wearing these socks.

This morning I fell down several of my stairs. I live on the 3rd floor, and my staircase is nothing you've ever seen before, trust me. Luckily I only went down the shortest part of the staircase. I went head first, catching my butt hard on a step edge, carpet burn on the instep of my foot (instep...a word I didn't know til I started making socks!), scratches on my leg and because I put out my hand to break my fall, sore wrists. I need a drink. :)

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