Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Feeling Blah...

Doesn’t it suck not feeling up to knitting? The projects on needles call to you and you ignore them, or you do a row or two on each and throw them away in disgust. I’m truly a bad knit mommy.

I’ve had absolutely no desire to knit, and forcing myself to do even a row or two because I’m slowly working on the Xmas gifts and want to get them out of the way. Not to mention a husband who keeps asking when I’m going to finish his gloves…like he needs them in August. I have finished only one project, and that was a hat for my little munchkin, whose face falls every time he asks if I’m making him something and the answer is no. He finally got a hat of his very own, same pattern as the hat Grover modeled a couple entries back. His is made of Lion Brand Woolease, in black, with blue stripes. He wore it all thru dinner last night, and requested to take it to daycare for show and tell. Is he not the cutest child ever?

A coworker has asked for a pair of socks. She said she’d pay me for them. She knows that the material alone is $20 (it’s Lorna’s Laces yarn) and she’s still willing to pay for them. Problem is, she loves the making waves sock, and that’s the one she wants….and I’m completely over the cabling that’s required for the sock. I’m going to have to get a different cable needle, I think, for her pair of socks.

And just in case my secret pal (Knitty Secret Pal II) is checking in, like so many others, I’m going to give you more of a hint about me. I know my questionairre was kinda general…I’m a general kinda girl.

I love, love, love fruity scented bath stuff, BUT, my skin doesn’t’ tolerate too well. I’ve got very sensitive skin. I eat almost anything except coffee flavored anything, eggplants and raw fish. I’m not a coffee drinker, but drink lots of tea…chai tea and loose tea for an infuser are more than welcome. I love shotglasses…if you live anywhere other than the east coast/CA/Vegas, I’d love to have a shot glass from wherever you are from to remind me of you. Anything else you may want to know, you can leave me a comment and I’ll answer it…make sure it’s anonymous! :)


Abbey said...

I've had the knitting blahs lately too. I think because I keep messing up whatever I'm working on...so none of my knitting is very rewarding right now. I'm waiting for that prime knitting weather to arrive too..it's right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about charm bracelets? I have a girlfriend who is into charm bracelets and it got me thinking about knitting charms.

As a matter of fact, I do not live on the East Coast, California or Vegas, so a shot glass is a possiblility.


Secret Pal