Sunday, August 13, 2006

More spinning and a FO

The wonderful Valerie loaned me her Ashford Joy on Saturday. I brought it home, and immediately went to work on 2 oz. of Corriedale Cross Wool that I had. It spun up nicely, got plied (SOOOOO much easier to ply on a wheel than on a spindle!), got washed up and skeined. My finished product (click for close up):

My next adventure in wheel spinning was some 2 oz. of merino wool. This is 1 oz. of it:

It's already been plied and is awaiting a washing. The red is something that the little guy picked out. I told him to pick two colors and I would make a hat for him from it. Oh yes. I made another trip to the Yarn Tree today. I bought 4 oz of merino (2 oz of red, 2 of blue), 4 oz of baby camel, 4 oz of alpaca, and 2 oz. of some handpainted kid mohair/wool.

I'm not the only one who likes the wheel...the little guy got to pedal on it, minus the fiber.

I finished Sizzle on Friday. The pic is awful, and I apologize. Hubby has either been at work or sleeping and I can't take pics of myself.

I started the Go With The Flow tank on Friday, shortly after finishing Sizzle. It's a bit slow going, but I think once I get past the lace pattern, it'll go a bit faster.

And last, this week's blogstalking assignment. We were to take close ups of things in our house. You'll get the full pics later this week.


Libi said...

ok...#1 is a jar of food of some sort. #2 is the edge of a large vase. #3 is a small figurine used for inscense. (this is getting fun. I'm just making them up as I go)

Tamara said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it I love it I love it! You go girl!!! :D I had a feeling you'd go back to the Tree for more fiber-y goodness; 2oz on a wheel is like one potato chip! I can't wait to see this hat!!

Kate said...

hmm lets see now
1) bottle of tequila
2) mirror edge
3) a china thingy??

can't wait to see sizzle modelled!!

Nancy said...

Geesh, you spun up the red already? After I left you, hubby and I hit major traffic going home. Wasnt a problem tho.
Who was it that said its hard to spindle in a car, lol. I cant put the damn thing down!

mf said...

Ohhh spinning on a joy is nice! Your gogint o enjoy it as I see you already are falling in love aren't you!
Ok marco pictues hmm

mirror edge/frame
a budda thing

Trillian42 said...

Nice work on the spinning! Woo hoo!

Not sure exactly what it is, but the first one has the Shrek logo on it. I'm guessing the second is the base of a lamp, but I have no actual clue. The third one looks like a statue of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Valerie said...

The spinning's looking great! Have you convinced Al yet? :)

spinndiva said...

OH how nice your handspun yarn looks! I love the red too!

Bezzie said...

Oh my for a sec there I thought you broke down and bought a wheel! Hee hee!

I'll go with #1 being a Shrek Book
#2 being a candle holder and #2 a pillsbury doughboy figurine.

Megan said...

Yummy yarns! And...I don't know what 1 or 3 are, but is 2 the edge of a mirror?

SuzannaBanana said...

#1 - I don't know, and after reading guesses of food, Shreck book and hard liquor, I don't think I can guess anything novel. :-)
#2 - Edge of a mirror
#3 - I want to say that it's one of those statues of a praying figure where water is supposed to pour out over its clasped hands

I'm having so much fun looking at the pictures, especially #1 because I love the colors, that I don't care if I'm completely wrong.

Gina said...

I can't wait to see Sizzle on. It's a great little number!

Ali said...

#1 I thought was a can of mushrooms, but now that everyone is saying Shrek, well, maybe a can of Shrek mushrooms.
#2 candle holder
#3 bottom of a toilet

Val, let you borrow her wheel! Damn, I want a Val in Charleston.

Marie said...

The second one looks like the base of a light or lamp. Other than that I'm lost.

aija said...

Ooh,... I may have a joy in my future and was thrilled to see your reference to it :)

Sarah said...

OOOhhhh! Lovely for you're first wheel spun!

And nice sizzle! woot! you're on a roll!

cpurl17 said...

1.Shreck something...DVD(?)
2.Edge of a mirror
3. One of those buddha drink things you get in a kooky bar.


Such beautiful spinning, especially the pink, I wish I could get into using my spinning wheel....

Jennifer said...

Your spinning looks amazing! Do you like spinning on a wheel?