Sunday, August 20, 2006

Just another Sunday

Sorry for the delay in posting the macro pics...the little guy has been sick and mommy duties came first. He's still feverish, but we're taking chidren's tylenol every 4 hours.

#1 was Operation, the Shrek edition:

#2 was the edge of my bathroom mirror:

#3 was a fun buddha type glass that we got at our fav. Japanese place. The hole is where the straw goes.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have gotten a few packages. First from Ana, who tried to help me out with a mail problem I've been having. Most of my squishy packages come opened. So Ana sent me a package, in a plain envelope, and inside was this envelope (click to see what she sent):

Next, I got some Vegemite and some gummy koalas (already eaten, yum!) from Kate. And a box appeared on my doorstep yesterday from Lesley, who sent a sweet "thank you for hosting" package. Not pictured from her package is the very yummy chocolate.

Pics of Sizzle were awful, so you'll have to wait for those. But here are pics of some superfine alpaca that I spun up. I had singles left over on one bobbin, so I just put those into a small hank.

And here is my craptastic picture of my progress on the Go with the Flow tank.

And lastly, this weekend's blogstalking activity...Will it float? Click to find out the answer!
A golf ball:

A toy from a Kinder Egg:

One of the little guy's many, many superhero action figures:


Laura said...

Yay! GWTF tank is coming along nicely. You will soon be a triplet!

Bezzie said...

I was starting to wonder about the macros! And love the spinning--you're still on the borrowed wheel? (Bezzie is taking bets on how long it will take Karen to buy her own wheel...odds are good that she'll cave soon!)

And the golf ball--put that down as a no-float. Can you image if those things actually floated? How would golf courses make any money reselling balls to golfers? Ha ha!

Abigale said...

I have a ball of that exact same Regia in my stash - got it from my ex-FIL when he was working in Germany! The colours are lovely, be perfect for broadripples, Jaywalkers, F&F type socks (I'm planning on doing F&F with mine if I ever get around to it)

Lovely spinning! I love my Joy - and yeah, it's a lot easier to ply on the wheel... Wonder where the pool is to place my bet as to how long it will be before you succomb to the wheel song.

Gorgeous superfine alpaca! Mmmm alpaca.

Sarah said...

Nice alpaca!

I'm happy you're loving the spin!

And wheel shopping at Rhinebeck......woooo!

Gina said...

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! I await photos of Sizzle.

Macoco said...

That red/purple color is fantastic - love it!


A shrek edition of 'Operation'! What a brilliant idea!