Friday, February 10, 2006

Another FO down!

After tonight's seaming party for one, my to do list will consist of:

- buy/sew on buttons for baby sweater
- frog last few rows of shawl, redo and finish
- knit a stuffed toy
- finish sweater for the little guy
- finish gloves for the hubby
- SockapalOOOza socks

How's that for creating a list and sticking to it? 12 items on my original to do list, and in 10 days I've knocked it down to half. I ALMOST want to start a new project for myself, but I won't. I have a list and I'm sticking to it. I have a pattern picked out for the sockapaloooza socks, and will use yarn from my stash. Just haven't decided on which one yet. I'm planning on using the Jaywalker pattern, only after seeing Bean's at the Point on Wednesday. Hers looks wonderful. So wonderful in fact that I may leave the sockapalooza socks for last, and make 2 pairs, one for my pal and one for me. Woo!

I finished Mariah. The first attempt on the zipper was awful. I didn't take a
pic of it, but I did take a pic of the zipper once I ripped it out.

Yeah, see, it's awful. But the second time was much better. Pics once the recipient gets a hold of a camera and sends me photos.

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Anonymous said...

Been thinking of you stuck up to your ears in snow! Your mittens went off in the post yesterday - hope you get them soon.
Happy Snow Angels!