Monday, December 12, 2005

Santa came early

Santa came to my house while I was at work today. He left me a brand new laptop computer. Hubby has to load all of my stuff/photos from the other computer on to this lovely laptop. When he does, you guys will get pictures. Oh there will be picture overload!

I had my Lasik surgery done on Thursday. When I went for my follow-up on Friday, they determined I was seeing at 20/25. Freakin' sweet!! I haven't seen like that without use of contacts/glasses since I was 9. I'm thrilled to see without all that stuff, but it's going to take some getting used to. I reached for my glasses this's an automatic thing. It was funny.

This evening on the way home, I finished the last of the knitting for Christmas presents. I already started blocking some of the gifts, and most ends have been weaved in. Now to just put some tags on them, and package them up. I'm thrilled to be almost done. Not just because I want the Christmas knitting over with, but because I was forcing myself not to start on a project for ME until it was all done. I did, however start something, but in an effort to finish the Christmas knitting, I only allowed myself to knit til one ball was done. I now have about a foot done to Tubey. Mmmm...and I splurged on the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. It's SO yummy to work with.

Off to play with my laptop some more...


Gina said...

I was looking into more economical options for Tubey, but I think you've convinced me -- don't shortcut with this yarn.

Jennifer said...

Yeah and new toy!!

Glad the Lasik surgery improved your vision so well. My eyes are beyond that surgery. I'll be wearing glasses until I die.