Monday, June 27, 2005

Picture time!

So we're back from Boston, and I owe you all some photos. Xback progress has stalled, and there's really nothing to see. The booga bag has gone missing. I went round the house calling for it and it didn't answer. I think it's gone into hiding. But my husband thinks I'm ready for the nut house, because I'm calling for the booga bag wearing pajama that have this on it:

Does that make me crazy?

The letter-have-it darn cute is it?!?

I think I'll be making more of these. Not only was it a quick knit, it felted in just one washing. Yay!

So my goodies from Boston (bought at A Good Yarn where I got to meet Alison!)...

That's 2 skeins of a very yummy pinky colorway in Koigu, 2 lovely pinky skeins of Lang Jawoll, and a very cute must have tape measure. I also bought 2 sock patterns and Folk Shawls, Folk Shawls being for my mom for her birthday.

The Lang Jawoll are for socks for my Sockapalooza Pal, even though I've started a pair for her already. I couldn't decide between the colors she said she liked, so...she gets both! I love making socks and knock them out fairly quickly, so it's not a big deal to me. Here's what I've got so far from the first pair:

And because I LOVE this picture, I thought I'd share it. We're on the Swan boats in Boston. How cute is this picture?

Oooh, I found a pic of the very elusive booga bag...



great work Karen, I particularly like the letter bag in those colours...what yarn did you use for it?

Jennifer said...

I love that letter bag! So cute! Great pic of you and kidlet as well.

alison said...

Cute pic! Glad you had a good time in Beantown.

That letter bag is really sweet. I may have to consider making one of those. Yours is just too darn cute! Can't wait to see how your yummy new koigu knits up.

goodkarma said...

I love your Curious George PJs.
I love the picture of you and your kiddo! Sweetness! The swan boats in Boston make me think of Trumpet of the Swan.

Bean said...

Yes, you're crazy, you know that! :) Seriously I love that bag!! How'd I miss that pattern? But do I have to chart my own letter? ick. I don't need a J. I need a T. You and Son look so happy in that pic. Hope you had a great time. We definitely have to meet up again soon!

Kira said...

I love the letter bag. I have not ventured into felt yet, but it is on my increasing ToDo list.
And are those "Go with the Flow" socks that I see there? They look great; I love that colour.
I think that you are the swap I did a while ago from Knitty (my name there is yogamum) I sent you the Rowan magazine and you sent me Pipsqueaks??

Andrea Brundidge said...

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