Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Pictures later

I started Xback again. I only picked it up because all my projects lay in a bag under my desk at work, and I was at home. I was sick last week, and when I left the office early on Wed. last week, I went home with the essentials: me, my wallet and my keys. I then spent the rest of the week home in bed. But Sunday, I met with Bean, and we went to The Point, and I needed something to knit while there. So out came Xback again. I did a few inches and tried it on, expecting to have screwed up again, but it was perfect. Who knew that I would ever knit something for myself that supposed to fit a bust of 32". Anyway, I've knit away on it, and have close to 12 inches done.

I also started last week, before my strep throat took over my life, a Letter Have It bag, from SNB Nation. It's for the director of the little guy's daycare. She left for another position, but will be back for the Pre-K graduation on Friday. Must seam it and felt it by then.

The booga bag is done, and felted, but after 5 washes, there's still stitch definition. I gave up on felting it anymore, blocked it, and put the i-cord in. I absolutely love it, even with the stitch definition. I think it gives it character. I might make 2 more for the little guys teachers as thank you gifts when he leaves for *gulp* kindergarten in Sept.

I purchased my yarn for my Sockapalooza 2 socks. A purple colorway from Lorna's Laces. And I chose a lacy sock pattern from SockBug. This will be my travel project for Boston this weekend. After graduation on Friday morning, we're hitting the road and heading to Boston. Hopefully it will be a lovely weekend. We've got no set plans, just hanging out and seeing the sights. We'll do the children's museum on Friday night ($1/person admission...can't beat that!!). And maybe, just maybe, hit a yarn shop or two. I've got directions from the hotel in Cambridge to Circles in Jamaica Plain and A Good Yarn in Brookline. Maybe I'll see Alison's NBT in the window of A Good Yarn. Ooooo!

Also, I made hubby a little something last week/week before last. He posted an article on it here. It was done in Lorna's Laces, which is wool, not cotton, but what does a man know, right? :)


Jennifer said...

Hope you feel better Karen!

goodkarma said...

I hope you're feeling better and back on the knitting wagon like before. :) You've got lots of projects going, so I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures when you have them. Take care of yourself!

Gina said...

Feel better. Maybe that's what I need to do, hide all the projects I like in order to finish the troublesome ones.

alison said...

Hey, it was great to meet you at the store on Saturday! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip. :)