Thursday, August 25, 2005


Have you missed me? Did I Do do a good job on it's post while I was busy? Yes, I was busy. And I have pictures to prove it.
First we have the Zig Zag scarf from Modular Knits. It's for my mom for Xmas. So mom, if you happen to stumble upon this, don't look at the pics.

My little guy did a full row somewhere around the middle of this at the laundromat the other night. :)

Next we have two bags that I made for my son's preschool teachers. Inside the bags are M&M's in the same colors as the bags.

And so all of you can see what a TRUE geek I am, I made a case for my PSP. Hubby has a PSP and I made him 2 cases, but wanted one of my own. It's out of half a ball of Fixation.

And before you think that's it, the finished I Do, with a close up of the sleeve:

Isn't she pretty? I am really going to have to make one for myself. This one is on it's way to FL to her new owner.

And I've also been busy adding to my stash. I bought from one of the girls at work who was destashing,

That's Vesper Sock Yarn in Verde. It's lovely.

And I will leave you with this: a bunch of the Coffeeshop girls got together and got me a gift certificate for Purl, as a thank you for hosting the Secret Pal round 4. So I went shopping today.

That's 2 balls of Rowan Cashsoft, 4 skeins of Blue Sky Cotton, 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces "pink blossom stripe" sock yarn, 3 skeins of Alchemy Synchronicity in Texas Bluebonnet, and Kniting Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves. Yum, yum, yum.


Abbey said...

I do is gorgeous!
You do good work, girl!
Love the brown m&m bag too...what a great gift idea.


That is some gorgeous stash enhancement there lady! I really, really like that green sock yarn too..mmmmmmmmmm

Nice work on the bags for teachers, especially the brown one. She is going to look very funky carrying her chalk to school in that. Do teachers still use chalk? Probably not eh!

Bean said...

Whoa K, you ROCK!! I Do is gorgeous. Part of me wanted to make her but I think I'll stick to a duplicate Shimmer for now. I'll be wearing her on the cruise I think. And yes, I'm going! That's a mean haul you got from Purl. And a good idea. I'd have never thought about yarn store gift certs. I Do held her own with the posting, don't worry. Your son actually did a row on the modular scarf? Cool! PSP case. At least now I know what to do with that Fixation I have laying around. I could make iPod cases for me and hubby.

jessie said...

all i have to say is wow that's one of the coolest things i've seen

MissDaday said...

I wish im as gifted as you. Ull make lotsa $$$$$$$$ someday

Gina said...

Wow! I Do blows me away. It looks gorgeous. I'm thinking about becoming a pre-school teacher in the hopes of landing felted bag!

Jennifer said...

Everything is gorgeous! I do is just stunning. She will love it. Nice stash enhancement too!

Sarah said...

Hey there!!!

Hope you're still planning on coming tomorrow!!! :))) The De-Stash is turning into the yarn party of the year - I can't wait!

Let me know if you decide to take the train into Danbury - I can totally pick you up at the station! (Of course after the mammoth amount of booze everyone's bringing, we will need to call a cab for your ride BACK to the station, but that's not too bad!) Hope to see ya tomorrow!

goodkarma said...

Crikey! You've been soooo busy while you've been away from your blog. I Do is beautiful. Absolutely. And your son's teachers will definitely appreciate the bags AND the M&Ms!! :)

Christine said...

Great Stash Enhancement! Great to meet you tonight too! I do looks wonderful, what yarn did you use? It is on my knitlist also! I love the vesper!

mf said...

OH MY!! That vesper sock yarn is sooo soft isn't it!! Great stuff for your stash!! Love the modular knitting I need to get that book or at least a pattern!! Lovely bags too! Did you design that 'M' bag yourself or a pattern? the shrug is soo neat! Love it!

weaselrina said...

I love the zig zag scarf!! It is kind of "tie" like.

And I'm way jealous of your visit to Purl. I need to get there some day!

Christine said...

OK, the m&m bag is just too freaking cute! It reminds me of the giant m&m commercial where the guy in the cubicle throws it into the air and knocks himself silly. Did you use the initial pattern from stitch n bitch nation? or is it one of your own inventions? I need details!!